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We at Viruvelil Group of Companies is a professionally managed Engineering organization based at Cochin, Kerala State, India

We are operating this website Kerala to preserve information on salient features of traditional Kerala Architecture and to update you on innovations and developments in Kerala architecture in the present day building design and construction industry in Kerala. We welcome inputs, suggestions, comments and feedback from all those who value and cherish Kerala Architecture

Viruvelil Group of companies is headed by Chartered Engineer V.H.Thomas.Having designed and built more than 200 houses in different parts of Kerala, V.H.Thomas can guide you on construction of your dream house in Kerala. In addition to being a qualified Engineering professional, he is also a qualified management professional and well versed in Vasthu and Kerala Building rules. We have a team of qualified and experienced Architects, Engineers, interior designers and well experienced work force to take up design and construction of buildings anywhere in Kerala  and outside state,subject to commercial /technical constraints if any

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A house with unique appearance and better facilities at Cherthala
3200 sft house with four bed rooms attached, traditional chuttu verandah with charupady, Double height living room separated from other parts of the house, Kitchen, utility cum work area, common toilet, stair with double height area in family living, Home theatre at First Floor, Four height level appearance from the front side for two storey house and car porch for two cars.
Combination of modern and traditional flooring with all new technology developments incorporated this house when completed is going to be one of the master pieces of Architect V.H.Thomas
Even before completion of this house, Mr.Jayaraj Iyer, Director-Marketing of a MNC and his wife Ms. Usha Iyer (Vice President, City Bank) has already requested us to repeat the design for their house at Koratty
Construction blog for this house can be viewed at

Houses at Cochin for professionals
2600 sft house at Manimala road, Edappally for Marine Engineer Mr.G.R Pillai appeared to be like a challenging one when he wanted four bed room attached, Pooja room, Living and dining separate connected through an elegant Arch, Car porch, Kitchen, work area, sit out, Balcony with Charupady, spiral stair case in living with teak wood spiral hand rail and carved wooden stair posts in teak wood, teak wood interior and a rear foyer for informal family meets.
But when Mr. Pillai returned from abroad to look at the house completed he could not help saying that he got much more than he expected. House stands out as a true Kerala architecture feature house and the unique design by now is repeated at Kalady, Nilambur and Chengannur by us.
During the same period we have designed and constructed spacious 3000 sft house for Mr.K.P.Suresh Kumar, a senior Manager of a software organisation at Elamakkara, Cochin. The design of this house is appreciated by all as it has spacious living spaces well arranged with best utility and no wastage of space.
We have our office at Kaloor, Cochin built as a house for display while functioning as our office with four beds attached and all usual features with just 1400 sft plinth area. This design is repeated eight times at Cochin itself as it ideally suits low land area available at Cochin for house construction
Construction blog for these houses can be viewed at

A house with less area and more facilities at Cochin
2500 sft house with four bed rooms attached and one more bed room without attached toilet, car porch for two cars, sit out, separate living and dining, kitchen, work area with appearance much above 2500 sft from outside, Mr. Joseph Neroth, Retired Bank Manager got more than he expected .House at Karukappilly near Kaloor, Cochin stands out as one more show piece of architectural capability of V.H.Thomas
This house has got features of Kerala architecture with influence of western architecture giving the house a unique appearance. With limited built up area house also has got sit out and first floor balcony.
Construction blog for this house can be viewed at

At Ranni, a different attractive design house for a local NRI
When we reached Ranni to design and construct 3000 sft four bed rooms house for Mr. Varghese Mathew working in gulf, what he wanted was a house with different impressive look with all modern features and amenities and lesser cost. That is what exactly we gave to him.
A house with traditional poomukham, chuttu verandah, modern triple height slope roof, spacious living and family living spaces, home theatre,car porch,Kitchen,work area for fire wood kitchen all within 3000 sft and an appearance which no one is likely to copy due to design intricacies. We build houses which no one will ever think of selling, whatever may be the price offered. Because it is too good to keep with you forever
Construction blog for this house can be viewed at

House at Cochin – A house making you feel proud
3200 sft four bed room attached house at Vyttila, Cochin for Botswana based NRI House construction Engineer, Mr. Binu Thomas
An Engineer qualified and experienced in building houses knows better. So he used our services for building his dream house by the side of a lake near to center part of Cochin while working at far away Botswana in Africa. This 3200 sft house has got four bed rooms attached, A home theatre which get cool breeze from lake always, hand carved teak wood stair posts and handrails, wooden paneled living room, modular kitchen, car porch for two cars, interlock tile laid landscape and all modern facilities with appearance of a traditional Kerala house making the house members have the glory of tradition and features of modern technology together.
Construction blog for this house can be viewed at

 House at Nilambur making you feel at home
2600 sft four bed room attached house at Nilambur for Gulf based NRI, Mr.K.P.Saseendran
This is the third repetition of the house originally designed for an Engineer at Edappally; Cochin. It has all facilities essential for a middle class family but has got impressive appearance from outside with rich traditional Kerala Architecture style. Like two earlier clients who had similar house designed and built by us Mr.Saseendran also feels that he got more value for his money and much more than he dreamed for his house
Construction blog for this house can be viewed at

Palatial 4000 sft house at Irinjalakuda
4000 sft four bed room attached house at Irinjalakuda for USA based NRI couple, Mr.Bijoy Maliakal and Ms. Neeta Maliakal.
This house is special by design and workmanship and can be considered as one of the master pieces of Architect V.H.Thomas. It has traditional Kerala house features like chuttu verandah, teak wood carved charupady,teak wood paneled special design front door, attractive balcony with teak wood charupady in front and side, A combined space comprising of Foyer in the front,Living,Dining with a double height area decorated by decorative round pillars ,Rear Foyer for Family use, kitchen and work area unit that can also be used as caretaker stay unit with all essential facilties.House has got a good Home theatre close to First floor lounge with view of front side and inside double height area
Construction blog for this house can be viewed at

House at Ootty with Kerala features
5500 sft four bed room attached house with spacious living, dining, kitchen, work area separate office room with independent access from outside, gym and large spacious Home theatre with features of traditional Kerala architecture features and local architectural inputs at Jackanarai near Kothagiri close to Ootty in Tamil Nadu.
This house is on top of a hill and hence visible from distant locations. Modern technology, earth quake resistant design and special features of our house designs make this house unique .House for Mr.N.K.Saravanan and Ms.Meenatchi belonging to Jackanarai now working in USA as software professional on construction
Construction blog for this house can be viewed at

House at Punthala near Chengannur
2800 sft four bed room house coming up at Chengannur for Mr. Zachariah John living and working at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Design is exactly similar to our Edappally house at Cochin, Kalady house and house built at Nilambur.A house with economic design it has good features of Kerala Architecture and Vasthu compliance
.Log onto blog on construction at Chengannur

Construction of flat type houses at Cochin
3600 sft house with 1800 sft each of independent flat type houses with common foyer and Balcony is coming up at Elamakkara, Cochin near to our four years back and six years back completed house projects. Each house has got three bed room attached, living, dining, kitchen, work area and servant toilet. Common car parking for two, extra home theatre for upper floor are additional features. Building for Mr. Joy Illiparambil living and working at USA
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Cherthala house design repeated at Koratty
3000 sft four bed room attached house with double height living space, chuttu verandah with charupady,car, car porch for two cars,Kitchen,Utilty area, and appearance of four height levels for two storey building coming up at Koratty.This is a new advanced design with all modern facilities, technology and new trends incorporated. Design is exactly similar to Cherthala house now in finishing stages.
House for Ms. Usha Iyer, (Vice President, City Bank) and for Mr.Jayaraj Iyer (Director of an MNC)
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