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Smitha I have replied to you in detail by email.Please reply

Thomas Viruvelil - Dec 29,2010

Hi I am planning to have a single storey house with 3 bedrooms in a 30 cents land. Could u plz send me some designs of single storey house. Waiting eagerly for a reply from you. Smitha Kurup

Smitha Kurup - Dec 27,2010

Haridasan Replied by email to you.Write back to [email protected]

Thomas Viruvelil - Dec 01,2010

Planning a double story 3 br with toilets, 2 br in ground floor with kitchen, w area dining & living in 1800 Sq ft. What would be the cost.

HARIDASAN - Nov 30,2010

Shafi I tried sending mail in id given by you.But message came back undelivered.Please write to me to [email protected]

Thomas Viruvelil - Nov 30,2010

Rajesh I wrote to ur email id reply awaited write to [email protected]

Thomas Viruvelil - Nov 30,2010

Monnie Varghese I wrote to ur email id.But no response from you.Write to [email protected]

Thomas Viruvelil - Nov 30,2010

I m Plning 2 bild a strctr in Kochi in 2 phses. 1st phse, fndtn for G+3 flr, Gflr parking&1st flr with two 1 BHK aprtmnts on low cost gud qlty bsis. Can U pls giv an aprx. cost estmtn 4 the 1st phse ?

P M A Shafi - Nov 26,2010

i am planning to built a house in 9cents in tvm. ineed a double storey house with 3 attached bath rooms, dining ,living room+ kitchen.appromimately around 2200sq ft.. what will be the cost for this?

rajesh aravind - Nov 05,2010

I have 30 cents land with front road and rear side with paddy field. Require someone to design and costruct a 3 bedroom villa in 1600 Sq feet area. Locvation is close to Chengannur.

Monnie Varghese - Nov 05,2010

Aquascaped pool or pond surrounding a house can be made.We do not work with ready made plans of houses.Plan of house is custom designed meeting requirements and Vasthu considerations

Thomas Viruvelil - Oct 25,2010

have u got a plan of house surrounded by aquascaped pool or pond

jijoy - Oct 25,2010

Thickness of slope roof depends upon many factors especially span of roof and slope required.Without detailed information on design of the building, reply cannot be given

Thomas Viruvelil - Aug 30,2010


linson - Aug 28,2010

I am replying you by email seperately.We can take up complete design work for your project at Bangalore

Thomas Viruvelil - Aug 10,2010
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